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Medical Coding Courses in 12 weeks

Bridging the gap between communities and healthcare careers.

Why become a Certified Medical Coder?

Work from Home with a Great Salary

All Certified Medical Coders have the opportunity and gained flexibility to work from home. The average salary for a Certified Medical Coder is $40K at entry level. 

Learn in just 3 months, with no college degree

In just 12 weeks you can change your career and life!

You can make up to 6 figures in a fast-paced growing industry

Tired of being overworked and underpaid? Sign up now!


Why choose Allied Health Prep Academy

We aim to empower students to change their life and secure a career in healthcare.

Allied Health Prep Academy was founded by Marciana Jones in 2019 to cater to the need to distribute knowledge to other healthcare professionals. Marciana obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Victory University in Memphis, TN in 2014 and holds two AAPC medical coding credentials, the CPC (2017) and the CRC (2021).


What We Offer

 Allied Health Prep Academy offers courses in medical terminology, anatomy, offers individual and group tutoring, interview prep sessions, and career development plans to assist with elevation within the healthcare industry.


Study Guides

The Most Trusted Source for CPC, CRC, CPB Training, Test Prep and Career Coaching.
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